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GAIA Overview

  • Related technology : Patent-application – Industrial random mesh network operating method in low speed RF communication environment (No. 10-1175147, registration date: August 13, 2012) called, ‘GAIA’
  • Differentiate from the competition : The advantage of the GAIA 400MHz asynchronous mesh network is that it provides solutions that have not been addressed by existing standardized technologies.
Unlimited available node

Asynchronous mesh network with no waste of traffic due to synchronous signal.

Unlimited number of nodes

Since it doesn’t need super frame, there’re no limit to the number of nodes.

Energy-saving system

Ideal for energy-saving sensor networks that utilize communication when needed.

No network sever

Since it rescans neighboring node, there are no network disconnection problems.

Remote setting function

Remote adjustment function can be adjusted.

Repeater function

It’s possible to expand the distance by the repeater function even in large space.