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GAIA Technical Features

GAIA Technical Features
  • In order to maximize the traffic capacity efficiency in low-speed communication, CS function is added to the ALOHA method to construct an asynchronous mesh network with no waste of traffic due to the synchronous signal.
  • Asynchronous structure enables efficient resource allocation, and synchronous type has a limited number of configuration nodes according to the number of ID management of super frame, but there is no limit of number of nodes because there is no super frame for asynchronous type.
    In the narrowband of -400MHz at 12.5kHz, assuming that the header frame is 20 bytes and the data is 20 bytes in the synchronous case, when communication of 4.8kbs is performed, only the maximum 15ea node can be connected but the asynchronous network does not have the limitation of the node.
  • In the case of synchronous, the admission of the network to the master is permitted in the Ad-Hoc mode, but in the asynchronous mode, the connecting node does not have the connection procedure because only the MAC address is established and the pairing is established.
Energy-saving system
  • Synchronous network method(ZIGBEE) is not suitable for energy-saving type sensor network because it always need to receive Master’s synchronous signal for transmission.
  • Asynchronous network scheme is a N-to-1 structure which is suitable for energy-saving type sensor network that communicates only when needed.
Composition of MESH Structure Network
  • In MESH network, if there is a problem in multiple nodes, the problem of network disconnection does not occur because it rescans the neighboring nodes to configure a new connection path.
  • There are some cases where ZigBee is used in some industries and high-power Bluetooth is used in the industrial field.
  • For low-power wireless, it is mainly used for long-distance one-to-one communication with RF Modem.
Multi Point Control (e.g. LED Lightening System )
  • Asynchronous mesh network is implemented as a MAC Address connection between nodes.
  • In case of lightening system, Wireless lightening switch & Wall pad & Remote control can be controlled by multi.
  • ZIGBEE’s software paring method can’t provide multi-point control. (ZIGBEE consists of one master and several slaves, so the multi-point control is impossible)
  • In case of Asynchronous mesh network, all nodes operate as a master and can be controlled multi-point.
Remote Setting Function (Remote Configuration)
  • If it is necessary to change the settings of the module after installing the equipment, remote setting by wireless communication is possible.
  • When reconfiguring the configuration of ZIGBEE system that implemented SW pairing, it is difficult to change the setting because the installed system needs to go through HW paring process again.
  • Remote setup function is a must-have feature for maintenance of lighting system.
Expansion of Distance Using Repeater Function
  • Asynchronous mesh system provides repeater function.
  • Repeater function is an adequate system for streetlight control system and military coastline lighting control system.
Efficient system configuration using communication distance advantage
  • In case of ZIGBEE system, it is required to have complexity of 16ea(25m unit arrangement) at least, in case of a complex structure of TREE structure in a unit area(100m*100m) with a short communication distance of 30m, but the asynchronous mesh system requires a long communication distance(1.6km). And one simple system configuration is possible by taking advantage of multiple node connectivity.
  • Asynchronous mesh system are suitable for lighting control system in large buildings such as large parking lots and convention centers.
  • Asynchronous system makes system management easy and the composition unit price cheap.
Unity of Network Structure
  • Simultaneously supports 1 to 1 on single frequency channel, 1 to N on SCADA, and N-to-1 on a power-saving sensor.
  • Asynchronous mesh network does not have a communication manage (AP, Coordinator) that operates a channel, so it can operate multiple communication groups having different structure according to the purpose of each node in the same frequency channel such as Peer2Peer, Star Topology and Router.
Multiple Communicate Configurations on a Single Channel
  • ZIGBEE configures 1EA network per channel, but asynchronous mesh network can configure multiple networks on one channel.
  • It is difficult to configure many communication networks with ZIGBEE method in a dense structure like apartments due to the lack of channels.
Miniaturized Module
  • The size of the module can be less than PCB Type 30x40x3mm³, SIP Type 10x10x1.5mm³ and it can be applied to many different fields like ISN, home appliance, robot.
  • Domestic Radio Waves Act. Advantages of UHF communication technology; communication distance, low power, and protocol advantage of Mesh Network.