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Business Performance

As a IoT specialized company, BLAKSTONE Co., Ltd is constantly striving to satisfy customers in various fields such as
security products, environmental products, marine lifesaving products consulting and so on.

    • 2018.05.01~ongoing
      Signing of a BLACKSTONE security system export contract (Japan******Corporation)

    • 2016.04.27~2018.01.31
      Development of crime and fire response products (Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement, KAIA)

    • 2016.03.01~2017.02.28
      Development of Smart parking management system (Korea Technology & Information Promotion Agency)

    • 2013.05
      “World IT Show” – Participate in GAIA

    • 2013.04
      “Consulting methodology(contents) Online Sales Program”
      “Consulting methodology automatic generation program” registration

    • 2013.03
      “Company R&D center” recognition

    • 2013.02
      Headquarter relocation(Songdo BRC Smart valley Knowledge Industry Center)

    • 2012.11
      “Venture Company” confirmation

    • 2012.1
      “Accounting management system for medical institutions”
      “Personnel management system for medical institutions”
      “Logistics Management System for Medical Institutions”
      “Budget management system for medical institutions”
      “Payroll Management System for Medical Institutions”
      “ERP system for medical institutions”
      “Automatic Korean-English Conversion Module for Medical Institutions” registration

    • 2012.09
      “Consulting methodology module drawing program” registration

    • 2012.08
      “Consulting methodology management program” registration

    • 2011.08
      Signed MOU with the Korea Association of Sport For All association, Inc., “Development of System for Supporting Promotion of Social Sports Athletes”

    • 2011.02
      “HL7 Message Generator for Silver Town Medical Information Management” Program Registration

    • 2011.03
      Signed maintenance contract for information system of Pyeong hwa Corporation and Catholic Medical Center(5 hospitals)

    • 2010.08
      Stock change (500,000 shares)
      Registered as a cooperative development company by Hyundai Information Technology Medical Division

  • 2009.07
    Establishment of BLAKSTONE Co., Ltd. (40,000 shares)