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Smart IoT clean cooling system

• Product features
1. Reduce fine dust on the road
2. Reduced heat island phenomenon
3. Winter snow removal function

• Special benefits of the product
– Applied own patent technology of IoT based low power road water spray system
– Possible to install in various road environment (highway, bridge, etc.)
– Equipped with a sensor that meets the special law standards for fine dust reduction and management
– Low power system using solar light
– Easy installation maximizes short construction period and cost reduction
– Convenient to move to another place if needed
– Applied own patent technology of IoT based low power road water spray system

System diagram
Product Configuration

Water Remote Control Station

– Send and receive collected information to server system
– Solar powered, water injection valve control

Road Environmental Measurement Station

– Measures fine dust temperature and humidity, antioxidants, nitrogen oxides and noise sensors on road surfaces
– Promote text through sign board and use solar power

Clean Rod Tubing Blocks and Nozzles

– Installed on the center floor of the road
– Automatic water injection in real time according to the road environment

Clean Cooling Server System

– Central server where users manage the entire system
– Water usage, sensor collection record, valve control, injection time, etc.
– Remote control also available with smartphone app

References on product features, benefits and features

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3) Installations that can vary depending on the type of road
(Can be installed on elevated and bridges)

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5) Server Management Program Screen Example

6) Mobile control screen of user (admin)